Sahra Mani

A Thousand Girls Like Me

One women’s obstinate battle to make her voice heard demonstrates the power of action over fear

‘An extraordinary film follows Khatera, an Afghan woman trying to bring her rapist father to justice. The details are gruelling, but she shines.’ The Guardian

‘Women are starting to move the agenda, in today’s world, because men can’t move beyond their gender.’ Financial Times

“The raw, heartbreaking film shows the double threat of a broken judicial system and ingrained oppressive and sexist attitudes. But the uplifting ending offers a glimmer of hope.” The New York Times

“A gripping look at sexual and physical abuse, incest and societal restrictions upon women in Afghanistan” Medium

‘A Thousand Girls Like Me has a special significance and importance.’ Film Review Daily

8 out of 10
‘A Thousand Girls Like Me is a powerful story that finally gives a voice to a woman who has been silenced for far too long.’ Digital Fix

‘the awe-inspiring story of a 23-year-old Afghan woman who decides, with unflinching bravery, to take a stand against her abusive father while blazing a trail for women’s rights in her country.’ AnOther Magazine

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‘The emotions it brings up in you are astonishing’ Talk Radio